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This is YWS.

Hey there, 
Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to Young and Woke Society. YWS is an apparel brand aimed to inspire, encourage, and support entrepreneurship. Young and Woke Society was created in the heart of Los Angeles and it is where we draw our style and inspiration from. Our goal is to create a community of entrepreneurs who are hungry, passionate, and driven. (Just like we are 😎) 
We are here for you! Whatever your journey is, you've made the decision to going against the grain and NOT be average. (Congrats! That's the first step👏) Everything we do is to help support you on that journey and represent who you are, you spirit through our clothing.
Check out the video above to get acquainted with our brand. We want to hear from you! Tell us your story, communicate with us on Instagram or Facebook. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter in order to stay tuned with us and get exclusives on the latest drops!
Until next time,
Wear Your Motivation🏁